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About Us

SONGO AFRICA came about as a result of a passionate desire to offer a top quality black
clothing & promotional gift company from KZN.

The name SONGO is from the Nguni language which means ”Adding flavour”
The coming together of two young talents such as Nomcebo Nhlabathi and Sanele Sibandze in
2004 was the essential driving force behind the venture.
SONGO AFRICA is a 100% black owned business.

“To produce time relevant and impactful promotional elements on behalf of our clients so as
to strongly build their brand, and in so doing become the industry’s leading clothing and
promotional support agency”.

“To be one of Africa’s leading suppliers of corporate and promotional gifting and clothing and
to participate in the advancement of South African Society.”
It is essential to stress that we are primarily a clothing company; however our portfolio of
services on offer is ever expanding.

Clothing & Gifting have become an important balance sheet item and organizations such as
ours can make a real contribution to this vital area.

We do not only specialize in clothing design and manufacturing but have a vast portfolio of
services to offer:
·Corporate and Promotional gifts (e.g. Lanyards, Mugs, Pens etc)
·Promotional Support Elements (e.g. Banners, Standees)
·Print production and Design
·Consumer Market Research (Consumer Immersions)

Our operation begins with in house computer aided design. From there we source fabric
locally and outsource manufacture to our various CMT partners. The finished product is then
packed and distributed to our clients.

Clothing and promotional gifts run hand in hand. We have gone out and adopted various
sourcing methods. This has given us the secure knowledge that we can deliver, out of the
box, ideas at competitive pricing.
We adopt the ‘THOUGHT TO FINISH ” approach. We consult the clients for the concept and
deliver finish product. Distribution of item to store or various branches is handled on a national
base by Songo Africa